Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sad News

I've mentioned in the past that I'm stuck in my adolescent music obsession, that I'm a fan of the eighties in a sense that allows me no latitude: I'm an eighties-dork.

The biggest part of my rock-life was predicated on Quiet Riot. They became popular when I was in middle school, when people were making choices between "Thriller" and "Dirty Deeds." For some reason we got the QR album "Metal Health" on my brother's birthday. (More on the collective birthday later). We loved it, the aggression, the attitude--it ruled, in the mid-eighties lingo we perpetuated.

But Kevin Dubrow died the other night. He was a jackass. But he sang some great songs.

Goodnight to KD. You were an inspiration for a while.


Sean said...

Requiescat In Pace

Diana said...

Girls, rock your boys!

ps. I'm making my blog invitation-only for now. Heres's your invitation. But I need your email address.

Jerry said...

I better dig out that old cassette and play a medley for ol Kev.