Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Eighties Dorkitude

Here's another of the Greatest Songs Ever: Future World, by Pretty Maids--a Danish rock band who strayed occasionally into heavy metal territory.


Sure, they have cheesy hair and a too-dramatic video, but the song makes me want to run through a wall.

Raaaaarrrrrr!!! !


dchmielewski said...

And apparently one travels to this future world in an early 70's Firebird (OK, it coulda been a Camaro, but the video was a little to heavily pixelated for my amateur eyes to pick it out). Even for the 80's, a bit of an odd choice to represent your "future world". Not a bad example of 80's Hair metal, but I think "greatest ever' may be a bit of a stretch. YMMV ;-)

Jerry said...

Back to muscle car 101 Dave. That my good man is a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda.

Jason said...

I may be exaggerating when I declare something the best ever--but with every exaggeration I guarantee at least a bit of quality.

PM may not be Beethoven, but they certainly supplied more than their share of kickass when kickass was in short supply.

And I feel like I should know what YMMV means, but I don't. I need to be educated.


Mike said...

Dude I love this song...thanks for reminding me. I wonder if I could find it at Apple Tunes. I too am in need of education as YMMV is not registering with me.

dchmielewski said...

YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary.

I thought that was an appropriate choice given the discussion.

Jerry, thanks for covering my bad Muscle Car ID skillz. No offense to the MOPAR lovers out there.

I am going to stick to my pixelated video story as my excuse, but frankly, it did look at little bit off for the aforementioned GM products. live and learn.

Jerry said...

Mike, I would be very surprised if Apple Tunes had any of their songs. If you would like, I am sure Jason or myself could supply you with the mp3.

Dave, No worries. I never really pictured you as a big car guy. Besides Mopar had some cool cars but I think they stole most of their design inspirations from GM and Ford.

Jim said...

\m/ <- that's my devil horns rockin' out.

Jason said...

Holy crap--look at Kai Hansen's Euromullet in that video. He looks like he has a dead poodle stapled to his head.

And Michael Kiske's hair looks like Jerry's did in the early 90s. Heh.

Mike said...


That would be much appreciated. for the hair, I have a few photos somewhere that would get us laughed off the planet. Good times man...good times.

Jim said...

Kai's sunglasses do it for me.

Great song, cheesy video. But that's what makes it all the better!