Friday, November 23, 2007

To the Bone!

So, here I've been in Minnesota for four days, and I've managed to eat twice my weight in various Thanksgiving foodstuffs. I've even been bad and had turkey--that's right, I've eaten meat--and I will again tomorrow. But after that, probably not until next Thanksgiving, if then.

But tomorrow night (Saturday) Michele and I are going to Carbone's in Lakeville for pizza and beer. We have a few others interested in showing up, but here is an open invitation to all who may be interested in and capable of meeting us there. We're aiming to get there about seven, and we'll stay until ten or eleven. Can't stay too late--driving for twelve hours the next day, starting B'n'F'n E.

So, all those in favor say "Aye." Or just be there.


Nik said...

See, this is what happens when you a) don't have your laptop working right now, & b) don't read your friends' blogs early enough.

We were up at the Bone last night too! =P Oh well, hopefully we can touch base when you guys come home for Xmas.

Safe drive home!

Jason said...

I swear we hit every part of that bar when we were there. We transferred our tab about six times. Where were you?

We'll have a better plan in December--including a trip to Mankato.

Nik said...

We were sitting at the bar, near the doors. S'ok, I'm sure we can arrange another trip to the Bone in December. ;-)

How was the trip back? Hopefully uneventful!

dchmielewski said...

I actually had plans to make it, as my wife had given me a "3 hour pass" from watching Nick on Saturday night for the exclusive purpose of getting out of the house. Unfortunately, Nick had other ideas, and torpedoed my dreams of a tall beer and some smoke free socializing.

Better luck at Christmas, I guess.

Jason said...


We'll have to catch you then--we had a gift for you that Sly had to take to give to you.

Nik--Read this more often. It's all your fault--not mine, because I couldn't be expected to look up from my subject of the moment.

Nik said...

And by "subject of the moment" you mean beer, correct?


Mike said...

Sorry we missed it, we tried to make it back on Saturday and just were not successful. It will have to be x-mas time. We are staying in town and will be avalable for such meetings.