Monday, September 03, 2007

Some Random Thoughts

  1. Other than a barbecue sandwich I had two and a half weeks ago, I haven’t eaten meat (other than fish or shrimp) in twenty-one days. In those three weeks I’ve lost fifteen pounds.
  2. Football is huge in Norman. Saturday was the first home game of the season (first game overall, too), and traffic was clogged up for a mile around campus three hours before kickoff. We’ll be staying home on game day from here on out. (And whoever created that website needs to review the spelling of "memorial.")
  3. Pandora has been educational, at least in that it teaches me about me. What I’ve found is that “pretty” music bores me more often than not. While I can admire piano ballads and folk tunes, I need some dynamic element to keep my interest, whether that’s Tom Waits’s growly voice and quirky lyrics or the backbeat tension of a John Lee Hooker. Most often I’ll settle for a driving drum beat and rampaging bank of distorted guitars, but Tori Amos makes me want to drown myself.
  4. If you can stand the heat, Oklahoma’s weather is almost uniformly beautiful. Except for the odd flash flood that washes out roads and kills half a dozen people. But they have that in Minnesota, too.
  5. Whenever I read John Gardner’s The Art of Fiction I am both elated and despondent. Elated because I become convinced I’ve just discovered what my current (novel/short story/essay/ screenplay) is lacking, and despondent because my discovery means that all of my work to that point is preparation.


dchmielewski said...

Good for you on the weight drop. When you hit "fighting weight" are you going to have a big barbeque to celebrate, or this the new norm?

Jason said...

This really is a change based on ethical convictions rather than dietary or health concerns, so I don't envision a celebratory meat feast. I do, however imagine this as a step toward a more restrictive diet--no seafood, either.

Taking baby steps.

Of course, a few hours after posting this yesterday I popped a meatball in my mouth without thinking about it, so there's plenty of work ahead.

dchmielewski said...

To paraphrase Homer (Simpson, not of Odyssey fame)

Mmmmm....Forbidden meatball