Sunday, September 02, 2007

Who Stole My Face?

Why do I do this to myself? And I even signed up for this abuse, and now I'm posting it for further abuse.

Apparently, I look old. And baldish. But Eleanor Roosevelt? She may be the fugliest person to live in the twentieth century. Other than Brian Peppers.

Here's a version that provides a more complete view:

Thanks, Diana, for bringing this to my attention.

Edit: Here's another collage.

Strange--the first guy is Barry Pepper, and earlier I linked to a picture of Brian Peppers. And I'm doing yet another collage instead of writing my novel (only about 500 words so far today), and my protagonist is named Alex Pepper.

Cue Rod Serling.

Also, I seem to look like a lot of old men and soccer players. I don't know what that means.

And the hidden face in the third collage is Don Adams. Yes, that's right. Maxwell Smart, Tennessee Tuxedo, and any number of other goofy characters.

That's me.


M.Filly said...

Well, I'm not sure how I should feel about that list, let alone how you should feel. I can say this, however. Johannes Brahms, the ninth person on your list, was a wonderful composer who is known for liking black cigars, black coffee, and writing four hand piano pieces to play in duet with Clara Schumann that would force him to reach across her chest to play all of his assigned notes. You're in great company, my friend.

M.Filly said...

Oh yeah, and Omar Sharif is nothing to snort at either!

Mike said...

There is a term that describes you my friend as you ask why you do these things to yourself. It is A Glutton!

Anonymous said...

well I'm in school, googling my name (Alex Pepper), so... yup... I don't know what else to say.


Jason said...

Well, Alex Pepper . . . maybe someday my novel will be published and you'll be deluged with questions like "Do you know that guy?" or "Is that character based on you?"

Word to the wise. Answer "no."