Monday, September 18, 2006

Finnish Beer Metal!

I have to admit: I’m a metalhead. I’m legit, though. My teen years were spent entirely in the eighties. I had a mullet when having a mullet was cool. Honest. It was then!

I like any kind of music to some degree, even country and hip hop. Johnny Cash deserves worship and Public Enemy deserve respect. Even Flavor Flav, who is a clown on purpose. Nice counterpoint to the stately authority of Chuck D.

But I digress—metal is where I live. Even in these years, when I revel in the lyric genius of Raindogs era Waits, I can find respite in the metal world. Especially folk metal.

Folk metal is an odd contraption. It pairs aggressive, distorted guitars with traditional Celtic melodies and themes. Sometimes. Skyclad made this famous, and they’re the best at it, but I’ve had years to get used to them. Right now I’m grooving on something else.


It’s Finnish for “Forest Clan.” They sing about beer. They’re awesome.

The song I’m enamored with right now isn’t “Beer Beer.” I like that one, but the one I really like is “Wooden Pints.” Awesome. Nothing has ever been catchier. Not crack, not herpes, not ebola. Listen to it once, and you’ll want to hear it again. Catchy, sing-along-able, and fun.


Diana said...

I watched Flavor of Love today. My fava Flava moment was when he said Ladies, gather 'round your man.

Poignant, I thought. Although I also liked when he asked Bootsie (though her name might be Boobie cuz she's sure got 'em) if she would imagine "makin' luv" to him. She said "yes," but I, sitting on my couch, eating a bowl of chili, said, "EWWWW!"

Jason said...

I'm thinking that chili isn't the flava you want while watching that kind of show. Ew.

Just This Girl said...

Well, sounds like I'm gonna have to add some new stuff to my playlist. Sweet.

Also, PG, I think you need to stay away from the Flavor of Love. FLAVAAAA FLAAAAAV!

Nevermind. Keep watching it, because if you stopped I would have no one to tell me about it.