Monday, September 18, 2006

Zombie Time

I've been working at the same place for six-plus years in the same capacity, but in different degrees and at different levels of commitment. I started there at full-time, then shifted to seasonal, and finally landed at part-time. I'm currently categorized as part time, though I work 40 hours a week. This is not the job I want now, though.

Don't get me wrong--these people have been good to me, and spending eight hours a day in a book warehouse beats any other manual job I've had to this point. The problem is that NOW I HAVE MY MASTERS DEGREE. I shouldn't have to do this anymore. This was a great job when I had no degree. It was even a great job when I had my AA. It was a convenient job when I had my BS and needed to keep paying the bills while I trotted on to my MFA. I stuck with them for the summer because they need the help then. Now I need to move the fuck on. And nobody wants me.

I go to work every morning wishing I didn't need to spend the next eight hours putting books into boxes. I don't think any job is beneath me, but I've had my fill of this. I'm a writer, for crying out loud. I'm a teacher. This job makes me want to lay under the wheels of the next truck to pull through our lot.

Here's the best part: I might not have to spend eight hours a day here. I may not be allowed to. Business has slowed for the fall (as it always does), and they may cut me to 35 hours a week. Good thing I don't have any bills and my student loans don't come due in two months.

Excuse me while I have a minor breakdown and throw up on my own shirt.


Diana said...

The River Pirate has been deferring his student loans since he finished his PhD back in 1995. You'll need to fill out some paperwork that claims financial hardship.

Jason said...

I can certainly claim financial hardship. I'll look into that. Sure wish I didn't have to, though.

Just This Girl said...

I hear you, Jason. The whole big shebang of post-MFA can bite me. I'd really like have back the postage I spent on those 70+ applications. I could throw SUCH A GOOD PARTY WITH THAT MONEY.