Sunday, July 06, 2008

Two Books

Land of Amber Waters by Doug Hoverson

This is the book Michele got me for our anniversary. It's more than just a book about beer and brewing--it's really the story of how and under what conditions Minnesota became what it is. It tracks immigration patterns, ethnic influences, and government policy from the 1840s to the present, and the discussion of how our culture has regarded beer, and alcohol in general, over the last 170 years. It's a fascinating read, and there are lots of pictures. I'd recommend it to anyone curious about Minnesota history.

Juneteeth by Ralph Ellison

This is the novel Ellison never finished to his satisfaction. His widow arranged for its publication after his death in 1994, and it was handled well. And there's merit to its publication. Ellison's talent with language is undeniable here, and he's dealing with weighty ideas in an interesting way. But the end of the story is pretty ragged, and the several elements of the narrative aren't fused all that well.


Jim said...

Brewing my own beer has always been something that intrigued me, not to mention the history of beer is fascinating. Mostly because it involves beer, I think. I might check out that first book when I have some spare time.

Jim said...
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Jason said...

I'd recommend it. If nothing else, it dispels the idea that beer is something shameful, or something that only miscreants have anything to do with.

Not that you're prone to thinking that anyway.