Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some Updates

It's been busy around here for the past couple of weeks, and I've tried to post a few times on a few topics, but I haven't had the ambition, really. Here are some random thoughts:
  • I was putting together a long post about George Carlin, and it was too maudlin and it was boring me. Suffice it to say, the two pop-culture entities that most influenced me when I was a teenager were Monty Python and George Carlin. The Pythons gave me a model for embracing absurdity and Carlin exposed my lifelong alienation as natural in a culture as ridiculous as this one, and expressed exactly what I was feeling in ways that helped me accept it.
  • I had another job interview on Friday. It came up suddenly, and I had to prepare a teaching presentation in a shorter time than I'd have liked. The interview went well, though, so now it's back to waiting.
  • Michele and I celebrated our second anniversary last Tuesday. Michele wrote about it here. We went to a restaurant in OKC and I got this amazing filet of tilapia, and had a glass of a really good pinot gris. Then we went home and watched The Spiderwick Chronicles. Talk about a wild celebration. Sly called in the middle of dinner, so I said I'd call him back. I haven't called yet, though. I owe him a call.
  • Michele's brother and his family stopped by unexpectedly on Monday. Their three kids are like a tornado, so it seems like we don't get to visit as much as our time together would suggest, but it was good to see them.
  • I have a lot of thoughts about the NBA draft, and maybe I'll write a post about that soon, but for now I'll just say that I'm of two minds. I think what the Timberwolves needed was a solid seven-footer to start at the five so Jefferson could be more effective at power forward, and the only asset they got in that regard was Jason Collins, in the trade with Memphis. On the other hand, I like what Kevin Love brings to the team, and Mike Miller should be a solid asset. Eh. Not a bad draft, but nothing to be too excited about.
  • Since we've lived in Norman we've met a lot of people who brew their own beer. I think the funky Oklahoma blue laws have created a fixation among some people here. For our anniversary Michele bought me a book about the history of brewing in Minnesota. The book is fascinating, and because of that my reading of Ellison's Juneteenth has slowed to a crawl.
  • It's hot here, and it's getting hotter.
That's about all I have to say right now. Maybe soon I can be more entertaining and/or interesting. Right now I just feel worn out.

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