Friday, June 27, 2008

Pluggin' Like the Little Dutch Boy

My friend Diana is going to have her book published next January. I got to read an early copy of the manuscript, and it's funny as hell. Plus, Diana's a sweetheart, and she makes a wicked batch of cheesecake thingies.

Check out her book's blog. It costs you nothing and could help the site get enough exposure for mysterious benefits to accrue to her.

I'll be posting some interesting things soon. Honest.


Kristin Dodge said...

BTW... thanks. I saw the first comment and choked on my laughter, though your second is quite eloquent.

Now if only I could get you to rip apart my email detractors! Those are fun...

Jason said...

Hehe. I guess I can be nasty when I want to. But after careful consideration I decided that I needed to be a little more on point.

I'm glad you saw the original, though. I'd hate for all of that artful venom to have been completely wasted.

Diana said...

Thanks, Jason! I still have a tote for Michelle but I lost your address. Will you entrust me with it once more?