Monday, June 09, 2008

A Little Preoccupied

About a month ago I had a birthday. I got older. I'm not embarrassed or ashamed--I turned 38 this year. That's not a good number, but it beats stopping at 37.

Anyway, I got a number of gifts (even though I tell everyone not to buy me anything), from gift cards to cash to clothes to mysterious packages in the mail. Jam and Brigadoon gave me season one of Jericho on DVD.

I keep meaning to call them and thank them for the gift, but there's a problem.

I'm too busy watching fricking Jericho to call.

I'll get to that in about ten more episodes. But thanks.


Mike said...

Jericho.....television worth watching for sure. One of my favs.

Jerry said...

At least you are enjoying it. I really took a stab at something you might like and not have.

Jason said...

Good stab. We've been burning through the episodes like we did with Lost. I like when I can't predict the next thing that's going to happen in a show. I'm guessing that once we've seen everything we'll be pretty angry the show got cancelled.

Nik said...

Yes, you will be Jason. Especially when you get to see the remaining 7 episodes of the "2nd" season.

*sigh* Jericho rocked. Now we're back to Reality-Crap-O-Rama.


Mike said...

It's always the good television that gets canned and we are left with the complete shit that has absolutely no substance whatsoever. Well Lost is a good show even though the aggravation it causes is ridiculous. Maybe I should try and relax.