Friday, June 13, 2008

...And Then a Hedgehog Shat on My Hand.

It's been an interesting summer so far. For one thing, I think I can finally talk about Other Things. For another thing, even though it's an interesting summer there isn't a whole lot to say about it.

The Other Things to which I kept alluding were potential jobs. OCCC posted three jobs I felt at least minimally qualified for, and I applied to all three. The possibility of my becoming the Communications Lab Supervisor ended pretty quickly, as I wasn't even called for a first interview. That job eventually went to a friend, and she was clearly more qualified than I was, so there's no tension there. If I were on the hiring committee I'd have hired her, too. Though that would be awkward, being on the hiring committee for a job I was trying to get. I'll stop thinking about that now. It's silly.

The second job opening was for a Professor of English Composition. The twist was that it was for a new program of classes for ESL students. No problem. I've had ESL students in every section of Comp I've ever taught. They have different issues than native speakers do, but their problems aren't impossible to overcome. I made it through a third interview for this one, but didn't get the job.

The third position I applied for was the one I really wanted--Professor of English. It involved teaching some Comp, some Humanities, some Literature, and some Philosophy. Perfect. If I were to write up a job description that would fit me, this would be my design. I felt like I had a lot of advantages in my favor: I was the only adjunct (that I was aware of) who had taught a philosophy class for them, I have a good rapport with the full-time faculty and my supervisors there, and I understand they like to hire people from other places. I even used my mentor at OCCC (I'll call him "Martin" here) as a reference.

It wasn't to be. All of my advantages were real advantages, and I interviewed well. I met with the hiring committee, then the Dean of the Arts and Humanities division, and finally with the President and Vice President of Academic Affairs. All of those meetings were good ones. I answered all of their questions, my presentations went well, and the interviewers even laughed at my jokes. The only way I wasn't getting this job was if someone more qualified was interviewing as well.

The problem was that someone more qualified was interviewing as well. Martin. My mentor.

He's been full-time faculty there for eight years or so. He's just shy of having his doctorate in Philosophy. He's also one of the nicest people I have ever met. Every advantage I had he had even more of. When I learned he was interviewing (five minutes before my first interview) I figured my chances were slim. About the only way I'd get the job is if the division didn't want to deal with replacing Martin too after this process. Turns out they just decided to hire the best candidate. Go figure.

On the bright side, now his position is posted. I'm submitting my application today.

Also, we're hedgehogsitting for a family who we've really barely met. They seem like nice people, and "Hedgie" (the animal was named by young boys) won't be a burden to keep. He's quiet, doesn't eat much, and takes up little space. But right after they dropped him off and left, while I was still letting him run from one hand to the other and back again, he pinched a loaf all over me.

It smelled like cereal.


Diana said...

Well, that sucks. The job stuff, I mean. It's tough to get so close and then have it not work out. But maybe Martin's job will be the gig.

I think I would be afraid of hedgehogs.

Jason said...

If this hedgehog is any indication there wouldn't be much to fear. He's about the size of a small guinea pig, and his quills are like pine needles. He mostly cowers under his exercise wheel so far.

Our one effort to get him out since the owners dropped him off didn't go well, just because we didn't want to give the little guy a heart attack.

And, yeah--Martin's job would be fine. Not as spectacular as the earlier one, but good. I wouldn't be settling if I got it.