Sunday, May 04, 2008

Time-Out From Grading Essays

This is good news for all two of us who remember and really liked Riot's Thundersteel album. Mark Reale's reuniting that band line-up for a new album. It will be interesting to see what they sound like twenty years later, but I'm guessing the Zombie is still a killer on drums*.

Here's the title song from that recording: \m/ .

* Wow. I had no idea.


Jim said...

Thanks. I spent an hour looking at videos linked to that instead of working.

Jason said...

Which part got you? The BW&BK article, the song, or the drum clinic?

Personally, I was dumbfounded by Jarzombek in the studio. Holy crap.

Jim said...

I watched him play a few solos and shit. Dude is crazy. I like the cymbals behind him. And the stick twirling was killer showmanship.

dchmielewski said...

Definitely the cymbal over the head trick, and not just over the head and behind him, but across his body too. Dude goes crazy on the kick drums too.

Very impressive. How many hours a day does that guy spend playing drums? Probably more than he sleeps.