Thursday, April 03, 2008

Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris

This is a funny book. I like it a lot. The voice is perfect, the characters are engaging in spite of themselves, the anecdotes keep the action going in the absence of an overarching plot, and I think the comment it makes on America's professional world is damning and insightful.

It also hits the reader with serious business from time to time. The narration (the point-of-view character throughout is an anonymous "we") is a stroke of genius.

I'm glad Diana praised this book, and that I could pick up a six-dollar copy of the hardcover. Yay!


Diana said...

That seals the deal: I am ordering this book for my fall grad form and technique.

Jason said...

I think that's a great move for a couple of reasons.

1. How often in F&T do you get to read something easy on the eyes?

2. How often does anyone write from that perspective? That's worth the price of admission right there.