Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm Such a Nerd

I just posted a link in the sidebar. It's a YouTube link to a video about how John Locke* expanded on the philosophical thoughts of Rene Descartes and then George Berkeley** (pronounced "Barkley," because he was Irish) made a mockery of Locke. The video's pretty funny, even if the guys speak in a hard-to-understand gibber.

*Yes, the same as the name of the character on Lost. There's probably a reason for that--like Locke's a "man of faith" in both contexts.
**The University of California, Berkeley was named in George's honor, though the pronunciation has slid over the years to become "Burkley" instead of "Barkley."

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Nik said...

Ok, I think I would be the bigger Nerd as the first thing I thought when I started reading the post & saw the name John Locke WAS the Lost character.

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