Sunday, January 20, 2008

On Track Again

My novel's first draft, which has lain untouched for almost two months, sits at 14,584 words. My new plan is to write 1000 words every weekday and 2500 words every weekend-day until this first draft is completed.

The working title has been The Other Dead Guy for a while. I'm also considering Dead and Alive and Deadlife. Or The Deadlife of Alex Cropp. I shouldn't even be thinking of a title yet. The themes are still clanging around in my skull. All I have after a few years of considering the story is characters, settings, a plot, and some crazy description.

Oh. I guess that's a story. Except that it's mostly in note form, or still in my head. I need to remedy that.

Word count: 14,584


Anonymous said...

Well, get cracking man!!!!!

Jason said...

Is that you, Demon Nephew? How did you learn to type so young?