Monday, December 03, 2007

Not Exactly Eighties

Love these guys, even though they're from the nineties--and Danish. Great rock band who have been compared to AC/DC (though I don't see that). They've been known as Disneyland After Dark, DAD, D.A.D, D-A-D, and D:A:D.

They've had lawsuit problems.

To me they combine the Rolling Stones, Tom Waits, and some goofy person. But they're great anyway:

Sorry it's so pixillated. I don't think the real Danes are this pixillated.

Check out their other songs. "Soft Dogs," "Nineteen Hundred and Yesterday," and "Grow or Pay" are incredible.
And this is a more contemporary look at them:



dchmielewski said...

I like this much better than the Pretty Maids song. Perhaps not the best ever, but quite catchy on first listen that "Sleeping the day away" song.

I don't see the AC/DC thing either, except that they use an "A" and a "D" in their names. Different sound.

I think real Danes only get this pixelated if you call them "Dutch". That pixels 'em right off.

M.Filly said...

Since their name is "Disneyland after Dark", perhaps the "goofy" person that should be mixed in is actually Goofy.

Jim said...

That opening riff screamed Angus Young. The singer's voice takes a moment to get used to, but it was a pretty good song. Keep them coming!

Jason said...

I think the real draw for me is that ringing guitar tone. You don't hear much of that now, and you certainly didn't in the eighties or nineties rock bands.

Waits used that tone on his Bone Machine album

See: "Goin' Out West"

I love that sound. Jim--you and the guys should use that guitar sound.



Jim said...

I tried to get Chris to play "I don't want to grow up" but he was pretty dead set against even attempting to do Waits justice. I haven't mentioned it in a while, maybe I'll just start playing it and see if he picks it up.