Monday, December 03, 2007

I Just Checked My Reading Level

I found a thing that analyzes blogs for readability. Here's my current rating:
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That could be a problem, since my intended audience is broader than that. To explain: This rating doesn't imply that readers are deficient if they can't understand what I'm writing, but that I'm writing in a way that only postgrads should be expected to understand. At least on my current front page.

Let me know if I start talking jargon out of my ass. (Hoping to lower the rating--dang, didn't work).


dchmielewski said...


I used a fancy french word for slaughterhouse in a comment regarding your Hunting entry below, just to counteract your use of "ass" above. Just trying to keep this blog out of the gutter you know ;-)

Jess said...

Son of a bitch. My grad school blog was rated "Elementary." My year-after-grad-school blog was rated "High School." My latest blog was rated "Junior High School."

I don't sound as impressive as you do. Boo.

Nik said...

Yes! I took the poll, & mine came up College (Undergrad). That so rocks. =)