Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm Anti . . . I'm Antisocial

That last post forced me to delve into some other antisocial songs I've embraced over the years. The first is Ugly Kid Joe's "(I Hate) Everything About You." Funny thing about this is that the drummer from Wrathchild, Shannon Larkin, played in UKJ for a while, and now plays in Godsmack. I'd embed the video, but that's been disabled.

The second is Scatterbrain's "Don't Call Me Dude."

This song cracks me up, and the whole album was a great mix of solid technical instrumentation and goofiness. What can you expect from a band whose singer is named "Tommy Christ?" Sorry about the poor video quality. It's the only one there.

Next up? Overkill's "I Hate."

This live version is so close to the album version I can't help but be amazed. These guys are a tight band.

And one of the coolest songs ever, with one hell of a groove: Prong's "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck."

And another of the coolest songs ever: Corrosion of Conformity's "Vote With a Bullet." Sorry, can't embed that one, either.

Or Anthrax's cover of the Trust tune "Antisocial."

There. Now I've gotten that out of my system. That will do for now.


Jerry said...

Those were some good days. I would probably miss them more if I had not been a juvenile delinquent and always in trouble.

Jason said...

I miss those days. Man, I was an idiot. But that's alright--that's what being twenty years old, single, and in the military is all about. Being a geek, listening to freaky music, and not socializing.

Wait a minute . . .