Monday, September 17, 2007


A. I seem to be doing fine without meat. This is unexpected, because I'm a life-long carnivore. But here I am, thirty-five days in and twenty pounds down. I can't say I don't drool a little when I see a Wendy's commercial, but I haven't felt the need to break the program.

B. Teaching is fun, even if today I had the second confrontation in three weeks with a student who has no idea how the power is distributed in the educational system.

C. Tom Maltman's book is good. Even if you don't know him, it should be a good read. I'm transported, and I don't say that lightly.

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M.Filly said...

As far as the no meat thing, even though we still have chicken at home we need to use, I'm already starting to implement the program when eating out. Although I refuse to give up my Barbacoa burritos from Chipotle, I've made a drastic switch in my eating habits. I've even started opting for salad instead of fries, and I love me some good french fried taters, uh huh.