Monday, September 17, 2007

Cringing, But Laughing

Minnesota Twins fans loved A.J. Pierzynski for years, because he was a great defensive catcher and a decent hitter. Plus he always pissed off the opposing team and made them insane. That was great while he was a Twin. Then the Twins traded him away, getting three great prospects from the San Fransisco Giants. Then the Giants hated him, so they sent him to the Chicago White Sox.

Ever since he's been in Chicago, Pierzynski has had his chances to piss off the Twins. But apparently he saves his most damaging acts for his own team. Like this, that I read on ESPN's website this afternoon:

Three years ago in spring training, Pierzynski took a pitch to the groin. Trainer Stan Conte rushed out and asked how he felt. "Like this!" Pierzynski said, right before he kneed Conte in the family jewels.
Now that cracks me up. Raises the gorge in my throat, too, but I can't stop laughing.

Color me sick.

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