Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This Shames Me

I've never been good with state capitals. I was never able to muster much interest in it when I was in school, didn't understand why I'd even want to know. Would I be standing in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and be asked what the capital of South Dakota is? And if I were, would my answer, wrong or right, matter?

But it isn't difficult. I should be able to remember fifty facts. Honestly. This sucks.

You are 65% Knowledgable regarding US State Capitals!

Fair. You got a lot right, but you got some wrong as well. I hope this encourages you to look at a list of states and their capitals, and brush up on the ones you don't know.

Do You Know Your State Capitals?
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I need to learnify myself some state capitals.


dchmielewski said...

Well, I got 95% and frankly, I felt a bit disappointed by that, since I had to think a lot more than I expected to get to 95%. Its not pretty getting old, I guess. At least I can say that I did know them all at one time. Now I am apparently a shade of my former self. The sun is setting already ;-)

Jason said...

Heh. I hope our retention of state capitals isn't an indication of the quantity or quality of life we have left.

If it is, I'm screwed.