Monday, September 10, 2007

And . . . Three

They always go in threes, don't they?

A Tenor, an author, and an actor. Can't say I'm a huge fan of any of their work--but they were all well-known and well-liked. I'm reminded of a recording I heard of Luciano Pavarotti singing along with the Sepultura song "Roots Bloody Roots." You really haven't lived until you've heard the death/thrash metal and opera hybrid.

Actually, yes you have. It's terrible.

EDIT: But just in case you're curious, here it is:

Someone must have just cut in video footage of Pavarotti singing something else when his part comes in, and it's kind of cheesy. But really, the whole thing is insane. Especially in the end, when Max Cavalera--Sepultura's Brazilian vocalist--imitates Pavarotti.

More satisfying: Pavarotti and James Brown:

It fits better. After all--it's the Godfather of Soul. And the . . . most famous Tenor.


Jess said...

Oh my goodness! When did Madeline L'Engle die?! I love, love, love, love, love, love _Many Waters_. It was my favorite book as a child, and I read it once every year to remind myself how badass it is. Ever read? If not, pick it up.

The twin boys get transported back to the days of Noah. They actually live with Noah's family.

Nik said...

See, I was very sad to hear about Jane Wyman. She's in one of my favorite movies ever, Magnificent Obsession. Very chic-flick, back before the term existed. She co-starred with Rock Hudson in it. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend, if you're into old movies. It's on AMC or Turner Classics from time to time.

Not to mention she played one of the best 80's bad-ass matriarchs, Angela Channing on Falcon Crest. I'd wager on her kicking Joan Collins' ass any day!

(Yes, I'm a helpless girl-child of the 80s. Sue me.) ;-)

Michele said...

Hey, Jess, I just handed Jason my copy of Many Waters. :D I was pretty bummed to hear about all three!

Jason said...

Somehow, despite my adolescent fixations on science fiction and fantasy, ML's work completely escaped my attention. I finally read A Wrinkle in Time a few years ago and thought it was terrible--a clunky religious tract wrapped in bad science fiction--so I didn't bother to read more.

But I'll give this one a shot.

As for Jane Wyman--I only ever knew of her as Ronald Reagan's ex. I figured she couldn't be much to look at if Ronnie would rather spend his time with Giant Head Nancy. I may look up that film, depsite the "chick-flick" label, which is like me-repellent.