Saturday, September 15, 2007

Poll Results

The final tally for the poll has been laboriously counted. Here are the results:

Stoned 2 votes
Scary 1 vote
Studly 1 vote
Stoned and Scary 9 votes
Like a Ballerina 5 votes

The poll was supposed to have several more options, like "Stoned and Scary Ballerina" and such, but Blogger apparently only wants five choices.

Since it's been made clear that my picture has disturbed people--through this poll, phone calls, comments on Jess's blog, and international boycotts--I'm changing the picture. I hope this one is better.


M.Filly said...

Despite all of that, I'd still prefer an actual picture of you. Even if it does make you look like a stoned and scary ballerina!

Anonymous said...

You are NOT the same person that I helped move to Oklahoma.

Chadley said...

That man is going to haunt my dreams.

I also watched that tenth dimension video 3 times. It's the most gently I've ever had my mind blown. That was INCREDIBLE.

Mike said...

Sumthin bout that boy ain't right

Jason said...

Anonymous - All I can say is "Oklahoma changes a man . . . sometimes for the uglier."

Chad - Isn't that video amazing? I like how I feel liquid escaping my ears at about the eighth dimension.

Mike - You've known that for decades, my man.

Jerry said...

Jas, I really wish you wouldn't post pictures of us on the internet without asking me first. But hey. . . I think I'm the better looking creepy guy anyway.

Nik said...

Wow, & you thought my alien monkeys were scary!?!? Jeez...

All I gotta say is that pic is just screaming for the caption: