Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Perfect Storm

I'm liable to be out of commission, blog-wise, for the next few days, as I've been struck by several grading obligations all at once. A round of essays for my two Comp sections will eat up most of my time, and what that doesn't claim will go to grading Logic quizzes and weekly homework, some extra credit, making lesson plans for the week, and creating a Unit Test on categorical logic.

This semester is tough, even though I only have three sections. Since my Comp textbook and syllabus were chosen for me, and since I've never taught Logic before, I have to make all of my materials from scratch. Next semester should be easier, because even though I'll change a few things I'll at least have my lecture notes on hand from this time around.

So I hope to be back in communication soon. If I'm not back in five minutes . . . just wait longer.


Jess said...

Baby, baby, baby-- I hear you. I remember what it was like when adjuncting, and I definitely know what it's like now. I have common texts for all five of my different preps. Yipes.

Here's what I did to get through grading four sections' worth of papers all at once: I ate A LOT of chocolate. (Also, not gonna lie, I drank some wine.)

M.Filly said...

Just make sure you DON'T drink any Creme de Mint!!!

Jerry said...

Your five minutes are up mister. . . *taps foot impatiently*

Nik said...

::looks over at Jerry, thinks to self:: This would be the Pot talking to the Kettle.... ::snicker::

Jas, I hope you survived the week. Must be something in the water this week, everyone's been "under the gun".

Hopefully next week is better!