Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The End is Nigh

We're in the final stages of packing, and we leave town on Saturday. We're loading the moving van tomorrow, so at some point this evening I'll be dismantling my computer--therefore, no internet for a few days (at least not until Sunday).

I may be able to access on other people's computers, but I'll be mostly absent from blogging and email for a bit.

I hate moving.


Jerry said...

I do not think anyone likes moving very much. Lets just hope that unlike my move last year we are not doing it on the hottest day in a decade.

Mike said...

Good luck with the move guys. Keep in touch my friend and best of luck to you both in your new abode. I'll let you know the next time I am in Oklahoma.

Nik said...

Hey Jason (& Michelle too!) Hope you guys had a good trip, & best of luck in the big OK. Just remember... they can only steal your brain cells if you allow them access!


Diana said...

Godspeed, Jason B.!

Jess said...

You go, boy! Good luck! :)