Tuesday, October 17, 2006


We have a houseguest.

I didn’t know her before yesterday, and either did Michele, but Michele met our guest on the way home from school yesterday, and she invited her up. She’s been here ever since.

We live in a small apartment, and space is at a premium. Every little bit of lost space is a serious loss, and we have certain bottleneck points. If both of us work in the kitchen at the same time, or if we want to be in the office at the same time, things are tough. The worst, though, is the bathroom. If Michele and I both want to brush our teeth at the same time I have to stand behind her so we can both see the mirror (because apparently that is a task easier performed if I can see my mouth). We can’t spare the space for anyone else.

The biggest problem is our guest’s always in the bathroom. She’s clogged the sink, and she wants to get in the shower with me. She’s cute, but I think that’s more trouble than it’s worth. Seriously, I wish we could figure out a way to get her home.

Actually, she's a sweetheart. I wish the people calling to claim her could identify her gender or something. Well, maybe she'll be a good companion for the Demon Nephew.


Diana said...

Are you going to end up with a permanent houseguest? She's adorable!

Anskov said...

Her tail is exactly the same as my last cat's (Sydney). As Sydney died three or four months ago now, perhaps this cat is her replacement in order to keep balance in the world.

Keep her.

Jason said...

It's tempting to keep her. She's growing on me. And chewing on me, and climbing on me . . . but we already have two cats. Two very jealous, very aggravated cats, and the apartment won't allow more.

Come home soon, Matt, and if she's still here you can take her. If nobody else claims her. Sorry to hear about Sydney. That kind of thing always sucks.

Just This Girl said...

Man, if I were still living in MN I would've taken that cat in one hot second. She's adorable. I love gray cats. My first cat--Dusty, who I had from the age of 2 to 21--was gray. And kickass.

I bet this cat is kickass too. What'cha gonna name her?

FIL / MIL said...

Now you know how you end up with five cats!!! The wife comes in with a little bundle of fur and mournfully says "It has no home". Puts it in the bathroom just for tonight; twenty years later it's still here, but not in the bathroom.

Jason said...

We've joked about some names (if we wind up keeping her), but nothing serious yet.

And if we ever get to five cats in this apartment there will be serious issues.

Since Guest Cat is female, that brings the F to M ratio here to 4:1. Too. Much. Estrogen.

Diana said...

What names? I've noticed a trend of pets having people names, and it's true with us. Our dog is Bobby, and our cat is Tucker. But when I was a kid the dogs were Dutchess and Puppy and the cats were Beggar and Cuddy.

Casey Sween said...

I have an Emerson and a Sebastian--sophisticated names for little dogs that make wee wee on the carpet. I named them for my second favorite Transcendentalist and...umm...the crab from Little Mermaid. Which probably explains why the older one is so smart and the little (HUGE!!) one is considerably less smart.

Name the cat Gazpacho.

Diana said...

Gazpacho is very cute except I worry that someone might get confused and call her Gestapo which, you have to admit, would be an unfortunate (but understandable!) mistake to make.

D Chmielewski said...

Quite a step from Gazpacho to Gestapo, though I did know a woman with a large screen Mitsubishi television that could not pronounce the name correctly and called it her "Mississippi". Nice woman, not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Come to think of it, if you know people like this, stay away from Gezpacho (and "nuclear" also, because you wouldnt want Dubya to stop by and call your cat "New-cue-lar", that would be quite insulting).

Jason said...

I have a new cat name:


And if Dubya came to my house, I'd offer him a pretzel in memory of January 13, 2001.