Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Have Not Found the Secret

When I was in fourth grade Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter were competing for the US presidency. I was nine years old, so I didn't have any idea why anyone would pick one over the other, but plenty of kids had gotten advice from their parents.
One kid said we shouldn't want Ronald Reagan to win because he was the devil. He said that because all of his names had six letters (Ronald Wilson Reagan) that he was the devil because that was 666 (sorry, Diana).

I thought that was kind of clever, but it didn't change my vote. Because I wouldn't have a vote until 1988 and I'd waste it on Dukakis.

Anyway, we found out later that Reagan was evil, but not because of the letters in his name. Now we have a new evil being occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This morning I thought it would be fun to find anagrams of "George Walker Bush." I don't claim to be good at this, but I had some fun. Here's what I found:

Shelgo Weakburger

Weakburgers le Hog

He Logs Weak Burger

Rub Geek Ogre Walsh

Roger Wash Bug Leek

She Gag U Lube Worker

Blur Ogre Geek Wash

. . . and then there's my favorite:

Her Bowl Reeks U Gag

Seems about right. None of these anagrams give a clue, and I still don't know why he's evil, but I understand why he makes me gag. Her bowl reeks. Or something.


Diana said...

Hello, my name is Diana.

I am hexakosioihexekontahexaphobic.

I also can't pass the Minnesota State driver's test.

Liz said...

When I was in fourth grade, I wasted MY vote on Dukakis! I like to think that I did my small part.

Just This Girl said...

Did Diana try to take the MN driver's test again?

Jason: I liked the one about the lube maker.

D. Chmielewski said...

I believe that Dubya's perceived devilish tendencies are due to his "Moral Clarity". When you are always right (infallible some might say) you are either God or the Great Satan himself. I refuse to believe Dubya is god, so there ya go.

If only I had such moral clarity in my life I wouldn't have to see all of those nasty shades of gray.