Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Video of the Moment

The latest addition to "Video of the Moment" is an odd choice. The band is named A.S.A.P., which stands for Adrian Smith and Project. The Adrian Smith in question had, to that point, been the lead guitarist of Iron Maiden (sing along with me, Dave . . . "Ruuun toooo the hiiiiiillls. Ruun fooor your liiiiiives). Then he did this solo album of sorts, and I figured it was worth a listen.

I'd expected some watered-down Maidenish fluff, but it turns out the album was completely different. More mainstream rock, but with an edge, and with a lot of grit--and, as it turns out, Smith is a pretty good vocalist. I liked it a lot. I almost wore out my cassette (yes, I'm that old--this was 1989). And when it occurred to me to look for it on YouTube I giggled. Out loud.

And then I found it. And here it is: "Fallen Heroes".

I really like this.


dchmielewski said...

I must say that this does not remind me of trips on the school bus in high school at all. It does sound like 1989, but in a pretty good way. Vocals are a little bit nasaly (if that is a word), kind of like Pete Townsend in a higher key. But the sound is very clean and simple. I kinda like it.

FWIW, the song that I most associate with bus rides to school is nothing from Iron Maiden, but "Holy Diver" of Ronnie James Dio origin. Actually a pretty good song, that is associated with something that was not so pleasant at the time, but pretty funny as you look back on it. Kinda like Boot Camp that way. By the way, I should dig out my old Basic Training photo, it is hideously bad, and I do not look like a happy camper.

Mike said...

Oh the memories. when I think bus rides, I think of Bill Knaeble owning the back of the bus and blasting "Rainbow in the Dark" also of Dio origin.

Jerry said...

Awww c'mon . .how can any of that beat the day that Rochelle Bender beat the crap outta 'ol Split-top Wheat head?

Jim said...

Funny. I just heard Holy Diver on the radio.

Jason said...

I would have imagined that Dave's most vivid memory of a bus song would have been WASP's "Animal." That had some great comic potential.

Mike said...

Spilt Top Wheat Head???? I just peed on myself.

dchmielewski said...


I think that I had blocked that WASP song from my memory. Of course, I just pulled up the YouTube video

to refresh myself. Ah, the memories. You know the thing that killed me the most was that my old buddy Blackie Lawless has the audacity to adjust the tuning on his guitar about 30 seconds into this tune.

Whatta musician! Gotta be in tune as he contemplates his all important beast-like-f*cking.