Thursday, June 19, 2008

Like I Needed More Distractions

I was flopping around the innertubes earlier and I came across the MySpace page for Rapscallion, a band I hadn't listened to in a long time. I first got into them because they were a) on Metal Blade, b) produced by a Minneapolis company, and c) their album (Chameleon Drool) had a lot of superficial similarities to Saigon Kick's album The Lizard, which we were listening to a lot. And by "superficial" I mean that they were named for reptiles and had similar cover art. Take a look:

Anyway, on Rapscallion's site they mention they also post on, which reminded me that I used to go to that site fairly often for unknown music. So I went there. And I got sucked in again.

I love new things.

One act that really got me was Warren Pece, an alternative rock/rap guy. Yes, I'm goofy and I like almost every kind of music at least a little. This guy sounds like Atmosphere mixed with Queens of the Stone Age. Pretty good stuff. Especially check out his song "Attention, Whores." Damn, that's a catchy song.

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