Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Even More Videos

I posted a few more. I didn't mention the last time I did this, so I should at least introduce those:

Finntroll - Finnish polka metal. How do you lose?

Dokken - A brilliantly talented band who suffered from the hair-metal label. Too bad they hated each other.

Masi - This his the only song (that I've heard) that's worth a shit. It's great, but dated now.

Disturbed - I like some nu-metal, and this it probably among the best.

And for today's new links:

Metal Church - Badlands
This is a seriously cool song. And the guitarist, Jim Marshall (not the Viking defensive lineman) is about seven feet tall.

Fifth Angel - Time Will Tell
Sure, this isn't their most aggressive song and, sure, they're a Christian metal band, but damn. They kick ass. Or did, back in 1989, before Ken Mary joined House of Lords and the rest of them fell off the planet.

Lewis Black - Sacrilege
Since my current theme is Christian fluff, here's the master of snark to poke holes in it.

KISS - Heaven's on Fire
Let's face it--these guys have had little to brag about for about 30 years, but the Animalize album was one of them. Kicking ass!


dchmielewski said...

Wow that Finntroll was like Michael Flatley meets the Hobbit. They obviously have fantastic pharmaceuticals in Finland

Jason said...

Michael Flatley and the Hobbit. That's pretty damned funny. Now I have this strange mental image of the Nazghul step-dancing.

But they were in Lord of the Rings--not The Hobbit.

Jerry said...

Wow. . I haven't thought of Masi in years. Listening again it still has a hook but he really needs to work on the lyrics. Here is another blast from the past for you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H65mkmej-Hs