Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Buckaroo!

Um. Happy birthday. Have lots of beer. Then, maybe, you'll forget this exists.

Until morning, when you log on again. Bwahahahaha! Ha.

Happy birthday.


Jerry said...

I can hardly wait until your B-day Jas. I just want to see what vengeance looks like. =)

Jim said...

That's awesome, Jason! Thanks! But, I agree with Jerry.. vengeance will be sweet. :)

Jason said...

This is what I get for inflicting photoshop on people who actually know how to use it.

I can take it. Heh.

Mike said...

Uh Jason....I think you have a problem. Some sort of a fixation with human heads on the bodies of gorillas. Quite frankly it's scaring help my help soon.