Friday, January 11, 2008

Reissues of Crimson Glory Albums

Just a quick note for those few who might be interested. Apparently the first two Crimson Glory albums are being reissued by Metal Mind Productions. I've never heard the first album, but Transcendence, the second, is a classic. The only song that made it to MTV was "Lonely," the requisite ballad. But even that one shows off some serious musicianship--especially Midnight's voice (yes, the singer was called "Midnight," and the band wore silver "Phantom of the Opera" masks, but they could play).

I've linked the video for "Lonely" on the sidebar.


Michele said...

Yes, well mine is rated PG because of death, dead and cannibal... and I can't find the word cannibal in my blog at all. Yeesh.

dchmielewski said...

Holy shit that sounds like Queensryche. Not bad at all I must say. The mask and the "do" have got to go, but otherwise, a fine effort.

Jerry said...

I had forgotten how cheesy they looked. Still all in all a fairly good song.

Jason said...

Yeah, these guys sound a lot like Queensryche. The themes are different, but the level of musicianship and the style of play was similar. In fact, Transcendence sounds like what Queensryche might have recorded if they didn't want to do a concept record during the Operation: Mindcrime era.

Very cheesy. Yet had we been in a band that year and recording on MTV we probably would have looked similar.

Heh. Except with mullets.

dchmielewski said...

Yes, picture the debut of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse on MTV. 3 guys with makeup and mullets and Rich could have been the mysterious man with the trenchcoat. It would have been all the rage I am sure ;-)

Those certainly were the days. I will need to keep that in mind when my son insists on looking like an idiot some day.