Saturday, January 26, 2008

200th Post

After 199 of these things in the last year and a half, I'd like to be able to say something profound on such a monumentous occasion. I don't know that I can, though. This blog has helped me keep my mind clear of the random stupidity that sometimes gets in the way of my thinking clearly, and that's good. (That's also why I sometimes go weeks at a time posting nothing but junk--I have to clear it out.)

Some random thoughts:

  • OCCC finally posted an opening I'd been hearing grumbles about. The position's for full-time faculty to teach Comp, Literature, Humanities, and Philosophy. Reading through the job listing is encouraging--it looks almost like the position was built for me. I'll put that delusion away, though, as I tinker with my CV and ready myself for interviewing.
  • Writing is going slowly, but at least I'm writing.
  • My Fundamentals of English classes at Rose are going to be an odd kind of challenge. On the second day of class I had the students write about where they see themselves in five years. It's a bit depressing to see almost all of them write, in one way or another, that they hate where they are and want drastic change.
  • Last night for dinner we had sushi and sake. That was the first time I'd ever had sake, and I'm not sure what to think of it. Michele says it tastes like tequila to her. My reaction was a little different, but sake sure isn't something you fill a goblet with and gulp down. Have to keep in mind, too, that it's a ten-dollar bottle of sake purchased in Central Oklahoma. Might not be the best quality, and who knows how long it's been on the shelf.

Have to get ready for dinner. We have a party to go to tonight, to celebrate one of Michele's colleagues passing his final PhD qualifier exam. The dreaded "E&M" qual. "E&M" stands for "Electricity and Magnetism."

Here's to hoping the next 200 posts will actually contain significant thought.


Anonymous said...

Grats on 200 posts. Can't say I enjoy sake much either. I've had a bottle for.. oh, 6 years now, that I just can't finish.

Jason said...

I'll keep trying it different ways. Apparently most people like it hot. Like tea. That will be something wierd to try.