Friday, December 14, 2007

Some Pictures and Words

At first the conditions were fun. Power went out in the early morning on Monday, and school was cancelled for both of us. Ice covered everything, and we ventured out early to get coffee and some groceries. While we drove around a crystalline Norman, we listened to the only music that could possibly be appropriate:
After we got home we wandered around the neighborhood and took some pictures. Despite all the destruction that came later, it was beautiful.

But I mentioned some destruction. Here are a couple minor examples:

And I found a woman hiding inside of a crystal cave:

Either that or I told Michele to stand underneath the branches of a bowed tree so I could take a picture. See?The "not having power" thing got old after the first day, though. And the ice shredded the trees in Norman. It really looks sad. Some people still don't have electricity (ours came back on Tuesday night), and we're looking at up to eight inches of snow this weekend.

I think we brought winter with us.

In other news:

The semester is over (except for a mountain of grading).

I was asked to teach a section of Logic next semester, but I can't because of a scheduling conflict.

I'm seriously considering talking to the Philosophy department at OU about working toward a PhD. Teaching Logic has fired me up again. I think it's a sickness.


Nik said...

Glad to see you guys made it through the worst of it OK. Nice pictures too.

At least it's not a high of 5 with a windchill of -10 where you are.


Jerry said...

Didn't I ever tell you that when I moved to San Diego we got HAIL?? I was 2 miles from the ocean and 4 miles north of mexico. Oh, and at that time Mom was sitting in 75 degree temps here in Minnesota. . . in FEBRUARY. You were supposed to take all of the winter weather. This sharing thing sucks ass.