Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Alternate Universe

Ever wonder what the result might have been if the guys in Duran Duran had grown up listening to a lot of Black Sabbath? I do. I think the resulting band might sound a lot like this:


dchmielewski said...

Black Sabbath meets Duran Duran?

I would have to agree. The lead vocalist even makes those kind of "poutty/angst" faces that Ozzy used to make when he was singing that dreck later in his career with the likes of Lita Ford ("Close My Ears Forever" was it?).

I would have to say that the token female vocalist in this video strikes me as a cross between Taylor Dayne and Courtney Love, with way to much lip action going on.

Overall though, I would have to give this tune the thumbs up, for the weird juxtaposition if nothing else.

Jason, I must say that you are making the most of this YouTube thing. If you had this when you were a teenager, you might have found a way to do even less homework!

Jason said...

It is oddly appealing. Though if I listened to too much of it I'd probably feel strong urges to hang out at Hot Topic and watch a lot of anime.

Wait . . . do less homework? Is it possible to to a negative amount?

Anonymous said...

First impression: That's one ugly band. They should probably hire doubles for their videos.

Second: That lead singer couldn't get more emo unless he was cutting himself.

Third: Not a bad tune. If I wasn't preoccupied with trying to figure out if that bass player was a guy or girl I would have gotten into it more.

Where do you find this stuff?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I checked out their myspace. They have a couple other songs on there which are quite good.