Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thank You For Not Forcing Me To Smoke

Outside every entrance on the OCCC campus there's a sign that reads, "THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA REQUIRES NO SMOKING BEYOND THIS POINT." The signs are about fifty feet away from the doorways, so there's some space to avoid the airborne death-crud.

The way these signs are written makes me laugh, though. I know they mean that smokers should smoke no closer to the doors than these signs, but what it actually says is that the state does not require people to smoke past the sign. I'm glad. If they did require me to smoke, I couldn't get to work without breaking a law, or a statute, or whatever governs smoking on campus.

Despite the signs, though, smokers huddle right around the doors. I guess the addiction is so strong that they can't manage to walk that far away from the building, or care whether others have to breathe their filth just to leave. And cigarette butts must be awfully heavy, based on the number of them I see on the ground. Just. Can't. Get. To an ashcan.

Sorry. Ranting again.


Jim said...

Gravity increases around cigarette butts. This is the not-so-well-known Newton's Fourth Law.

His Fifth Law requires inconsiderate smokers to be punched in the face by nonsmokers.

Jess said...

So I just went and checked out your college's website. I was excited that there was a video tour. I thought, "Great! I'll take the video tour and see all the stuff Jason sees when he goes to work each day!"

Sadly, thirty seconds into the video I wanted to kill myself, so I stopped it. Sorry. Ever tried to watch that thing? Yipes.

dchmielewski said...

Cleaning up (policing) cigarette butts was my least favorite duty in the military, and in basic training you get to police everyone's garbage. So when I was became an officer and a group of folks on a worksite that I was supervising left their butts all over said worksite, I made them get their asses back out of their trucks and clean the joint up. Imagine a bunch of buck sergeants and staff sergeants having to be told to clean up after their filthy selves by a 20 year old second lieutenant and you get the picture. Its like telling your parents to clean their room when you are a kid, but they did it in this case because I had anger (and just enough rank) on my side.

By the way, I really hate it that my neighbor across the street tosses his butts directly into his garbage can, because when the truck tips it over to dump it, they pour out into the street and blow into my yard. Its like a bad flashback to Ft. Dix in 1988 everytime I have to clean his cigarette butts off of my lawn.