Monday, October 15, 2007

Humbled, I Am

The usual image of a professional athlete is that of a babied, delusional, obnoxious animal. A person we wouldn't want to bump into, let alone befriend. I mentioned some time ago how I feel that Kevin Garnett is different from that mold--and now I've seen something to support it. Sure, he made millions playing a game that little kids play for free, but watch this and tell me he does it for the money.

Not a damn chance.


Nik said...

Jas, I didn't even need to see the piece to know KG is a special guy. It completely sucks that the "BrainTrust" (& boy do I use that term loosely!) in the front office at the Timberpuppies treated KG so badly, especially at the end.

All I hope is that someday KG gets to taste that champagne in the locker room, & sport a big hunk of bling on his finger. He totally deserves it.

Go Celtics!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jas, How could you do this to me??? You know I can't play those videos!!!!!

Jason said...

Next time you visit Jer you guys should have internet-video-watching time.

It may be time for us to upgrade your computer so you don't miss fun stuff.