Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween


I didn't wear a costume today, but I told my Logic students that I was dressed as my own evil twin. Then they asked me if my evil twin would be nicer to them than I am.

Rotten skunks. Hehe.

On another note: Still not eating meat, seventy-two days later. It's gotten to the point now that I don't even consider that during the course of my day. We discuss what we're going to eat, we pick something, and we make it. The fact that meat isn't included in the conversation becomes less noticeable all the time.


Tomorrow starts NaNoWriMo. I think I'm ready. I need something to kick me in the ass and make me keep at it.

I got confirmation today that I'll be teaching two sections of Comp I at OCCC next semester. I'll also be teaching two sections of Fundamentals of English and one section of Comp II at Rose. That's more like a real workload. Should be fun.

We'll be driving to Minnesota for Thanksgiving. I'm not sure how many days we'll be up, but we'll have time to see many of you in the Twin Cities area (those of you not traveling to other places, that is). That's only three weeks away. Yikes.


Mike said...

Dude..when are you coming up? How long will you be here? We are heading up to her folks place Tues - Sun. Let me know...would like to get together sometime.

Nik said...

Hey J - would totally love to grab beer with you guys when you're up. And I promise, no Beef Cookies.


Jason said...

I have a class that Monday, so if we're feeling insane we might leave right after that and get to MN at about 1 AM Tuesday. More likely, we'll get on the road early Tuesday and get there that afternoon.

And then we'll have to head back Sunday for class again on Monday.

So, Mike, it looks like you're intentionally avoiding me. Hehe. Luckily we'll be back up in December and into January.

We'll have to set aside a night to get a ton of people out--to the Bone or something--for adult beverages and hooliganism. Maybe that Friday, when we're all recovered from tryptophan poisoning.