Friday, September 21, 2007

The Humans are Dead

So I'm doing my usual daily tour of my friends' blogs, and I decide to stop by Jared's, even though he hadn't updated, to my knowledge, in a couple months. And I saw that he'd linked a video, one that he considered the offspring (in a loose sense) to Tenacious D, who he considered offspring (in a less-loose sense) to Spinal Tap.

I love Spinal Tap.

I hate Tenacious D.

I think these guys are hysterical. Because they can perform in many styles, sing like robots, and entertain me. They are teh funnay, as they'd say on FARK.

So here they are, the Flight of the Conchords:

Laugh, dead human!


dchmielewski said...

You do realized that your "spinal tap" wiki link, links to the medical procedure, not the band?

Is this cynical humor or some bad link juju?

Jason said...

Whoops. Fixed that. I learned something about Wikipedia just now.