Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So Far, So Good . . .

Two days into the semester and I'm still standing. I think my Logic class was in shock the whole hour on Monday, but I had enough time with my two Comp classes today to make them comfortable. That's more important in Comp anyway, since they're going to rely on each other for feedback and honest criticism much of the time. I really enjoyed my 8:00 group this morning. They made me feel really good to be a teacher again. Really. And I like the word "really."

The schools here seem to rely heavily on adjuncts--more than the Minnesota schools did, as far as I could tell. I've already had people who adjunct at Oklahoma State University and at Rose State College say they're going to try to promote me for sections at their schools for next semester. I would like that. Especially Rose State, which is even closer to home than OSU is. Obviously, OU would be the best choice from a travel standpoint, but they have TAs to cover a lot of their Comp sections, so my best hope there would be Creative Writing courses (which I would love--I'm just saying . . .)

Michele seems to be settling in at school nicely, making friends and such. Maybe she'll blog about that some time soon. The weekend, maybe.

And no new bug problems. That's good, too.


Jerry said...

I am sending Ned over asap. There can be only one bug!!!

Jason said...

Well, only one significant bug who can use firearms and speak with an ambiguously French-ish accent.