Friday, August 17, 2007

Meeting the Neighbors

This morning I had a meeting on campus with the professor who has been teaching OCCC's Intro to Logic class for the last few years. He gave me all of his class materials and some advice for how to maintain some semblance of sanity while teaching logic to eighteen-year-olds. Nice guy. I'm glad he'll be around so I can continue to pick his brain.

As I was leaving the apartment this morning I heard a harsh quacking sound, as though a fifty-pound duck were hiding behind the stairwell. I turned and waited for the assault, but instead of a hyperglandular waterfowl I saw a stocky little chihuahua. She was barking, and the sound was so funny I couldn't help laughing as I reached down to pet her. She sniffed at me and licked my hand.

And then she was joined by a second dog--same size, probably a litter-mate. As he got closer I heard the neighbor lady yelling, "Chica! Paco! Come here!" Chica kept licking my hand and Paco got close enough to sniff me. Neighbor Lady said, "She's fine, but he'll probably snap at you."

I said, "I think your ducks are barking at me."

She didn't laugh. She called for her dogs again, but they were reluctant to stop sniffing me. They finally left, though, and I went to campus.

But now I've met the neighbors. They look like this:

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Anonymous said...

The dogs are friendlier than the people. Why is that not unusual?