Friday, August 31, 2007

I Am Amused!!!!!!!

I found an entertaining article on Slate about the exclamation point, its historical significance, and its overuse in electronic communication. Read the article here!!!

My favorite line:
"Like 24-hour cable newscasters, we compensate for the unworthiness of our meanings by being emphatic!"


Diana said...

Hey!!! Me, too!!!! I loved this article, too!!!

Jason said...

I actually thought for a moment that this could come in handy in my Comp classes, but I fear my students would be nowhere near as amused as we language geeks are.

Oh, I mean !!!!!!!! !!

Sean said...

I did a search for "!" in my email inbox and for some reason, my friends don't send me messages with exclamation points! There wasn't a single message with an exclamation point in the body!

However, those rascals slipped them into the subject line 430 times! Oh, well! Nobody's perfect!