Thursday, June 07, 2007

Welcome to Planet Dunce

Good Criminy.

How's this for a story?

Here's a picture I made (poorly) to commemorate the event:

Faith in humanity: Low.


Mike said...

Leave it to a cheese head to pull something like that.

Jerry said...

Population control. That is all I will say.

dchmielewski said...

You know that would be more funny if it wasn't so obviously tragic and unnecessary.

Not everyone that does something stupid deserves to die, but a certain percentage of them do anyway. I guess the best choice is to avoid doing something dumb and hope that someone else doing something dumb does not take you with them.


Jason said...

Mostly I agree with you, Dave. It's certainly sad, and I'm horrified when I think of what the experience must have been. I'm a little comforted by the idea that his memory didn't outlast him. I don't think every dumb move desrves death, or even that dumb people should die. But this is plain stupidity, and we can only be glad it didn't take out anyone innocent (like you mentioned).

This guy had plenty of chances to live. He could have said, "Goodbye, phone." He could have thought, "I'm way too fat to get in there," or "I'm too large and ungainly to do anything upside down, let alone that." Hell, he could have said, "Let me call a half-dozen friends so they can dislodge my fat ass from this chute if I really mess up."

But he didn't. Like most of America, he acted without thinking it through. And that's the worst part of this. It's not that far removed from what most people do all day every day.

Whether they think too much about their shoes or their kids or their retirement plans, Americans aren't thinking about what they're doing right now. And that makes me nuts.

And I'm among the worst.