Sunday, April 08, 2007


*Happy Pagan Holiday Co-opted by the Christians to Trick Pagans into Worshipping Jahweh 2.0

Sorry. These holidays do it to me every time.

If you're offended by sacrilege or don't like the sight of cinematic blood'n'guts, don't look at this picture. Otherwise, enjoy yourself. It's teh funnay.

Have fun with the chocolate and the eggs and the rabbits. And thank the pagans for them.


Anskov said...

Hey Jason:

I'm not sure who co-opted Easter from whom - perhaps in the end, it was done by the candy companies. Actually, I think there are two Easters - a pagan, rite of spring Easter, and a Christian Easter (I'm not sure why this date was chosen except for the obvious connection with the ideas of resurrection and life starting over again with the spring). Easter here has been interesting for me this year - as a semi-devout Christian, the Christian message of Easter of course holds meaning for me. Yet living in Japan, where most
Western holidays of religious or spiritual import are ignored or just given a commercial nod, I find myself unable to hold Easter in any real meaningful way. I did however, play tennis today and had a great time with some of my students in the afternoon and evening. I'm not really even sure what the point of my comment is, except that I wanted to express something - to expend some spiritual energy, and I know that even though our beliefs about God and the universe are different, you are a person before whom I can express my ideas freely.

(Even if I am a little tipsy on too much sake)

Jason said...

That's for sure, Matt. Free ideas are the key. That may be the genesis of my tendency to make comments like this. The people who can take this in stride can discuss matters openly. If something this silly offends someone to the point that they can't cope with it, the dialogue is worthless.

Too much sake once in a while isn't a bad thing.

Happy Easter, Matt.