Friday, April 20, 2007

How I Spend My Days

Last night I gave my notice at Book Store. My day job, at Book Distributor, is in desperate need of my overtime services, and since an overtime hour at BD is roughly equal (in earning terms) to three hours at BS, this is a no-brainer. I'll be giving up 15 hours a week in order to work 10 hours a week of overtime. I'll make double the extra money by committing only 2/3 the extra time. Yay for me.

So my evenings and weekends will be freer in two weeks. That will help in cleaning, packing, planning the move, and such. Plus, I have a story moving along nicely. Diana and Jess have already seen a draft of it (Remember the "I" of the storm? It's not like that anymore.), and I figure by the time I'm ready to show it to humans school will be out and my teacher-friends may be willing and able to look at it.

I feel calm the last few days. Life is moving in a discernable direction, and I'm hopeful. I'm getting emails with ultrasounds for friends' pregnancies and news that other friends' S.O.'s will be coming to town for the initiation ceremony. I have concrete plans to visit Mankato, and I'm writing. Damn. What else is there?

Michele graduates in a couple of weeks, and once school ends she will be where she's wanted to be for a couple years. The weather is warm.
You're right. This post is way too positive. We will shortly return to our regularly scheduled negativity.

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