Monday, April 16, 2007

Heading to 'Kato ( I Think)

I feel bad, because I keep meaning to make the trip to Mankato, for Good Thunder, for Jess's visits, for Writer's Bloc, and for thesis readings. I haven't gone there even once since graduation day last spring. I don't like that.

I really only have one more chance to get there this school year, and that's on Saturday the 28th. That's fortunate, because Kassie's doing her reading that afternoon, and she's one of the holdovers from my class. (I don't know if Nicole or JJ ever got around to reading yet.) I'm anxious to see her read. She's a great writer, and a total space cadet. (And Sly's cousin's wife.) And she's a lot of fun. I'm guessing her reading will be good.

Plus, I get to go to Mankato and harass people.

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Diana said...

The Nicole/JJ reading happened last semester, but I will be so excited to see you at Kassie's!

You should also keep in mind we're doing Cinco de Mayo, except on May 12. It's Catorce de Mayo.

There will be a pinata!