Saturday, March 10, 2007

In a Snit

I’m getting angry again. I spent some time this morning reading the Washington Post, and for whatever reason I was more interested in the political articles. I read about John Edwards, Ann Coulter, and Newt Gingrich. I read about Dubya’s tour through South America and Hugo Chávez’s response. It irritated me that I agreed more with Chávez than I did our own president.

Sometimes I feel like I should run for office. I get angry about the way the country is led, and I get angry about the lack of real alternatives on the ballot. The Republicrats and the Demublicans are two adjacent shades of the same color and they both have a vested interest in keeping the nation’s attention on the false dilemmas of their issues. The whole concept needs to be revised, not tinkered with.

The attitude of America as the Global Parent, whether the conservative “do as I say” version or the liberal “let Mommy kiss it and make it better” paradigm, is crap. It’s time our leaders recognize this country is just one of two hundred (or so) and we have no more business invading Iraq than, say, Sri Lanka has sending troops to secure Kansas (even if it seems sometimes they need to be saved from themselves). We have no more business dictating to Argentina how to operate than France has telling us what to do. We need to get all our shit in one sock before we even consider diddling with other countries.

And all this talk about the economy and our way of life needs to end. “The economy” isn’t an entity with value of itself. It’s an abstraction that represents the very issue running this country into the ditch. Our economy is a sham and our prosperity is hollow as long as the whole structure is based on luxury spending and speculation. Our currency isn’t even based on a real standard. And our “way of life?” Greed, selfishness, and self-righteousness regroupthought as “ambition,” “self-reliance,” and “moral clarity.” Crap.

Okay, I purged. Thanks for indulging me. Here's a random happy picture:


Diana said...

Those kittens reminded me of Neo and Smith.

dchmielewski said...

the kitten on the right reminds me of Super Fly comin' off the top rope, though this exhibition is clearly not as well orchestrated as wrastlin'

Jerry said...

Wow! I never would have pegged you as a fake redneck sport watching kinda guy Dave. Please tell me you don't watch Nascar as well.

dchmielewski said...

There is a reason that I called it "wrastlin'". No, I think that NASCAR is dull, but I like to watch golf so I am not going to go off about anyone's choice of sport viewing.

I have seen some wrestling in my time, mostly back when they called it "All-Star Wrestling" and it included such luminaries as:

Big John Stud
Kenny "the Sodbuster" Jay (he was the one that got beat every week)
Baron Von Raschke
"The Sheik" Adnan el Kasey
Nick Bockwinkel
Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
"Mean Gene" Okerlund (whose kid played high school hockey for Burnsville when I was in JR High)
The Crusher
and of course, "The Body"

See all of that useless information that was taking up space in my head. Boy, it was good to get that out. ;-)

Mike said...

Wow....all that passion about the politics of our country, and all people comment on is the cats. They are kinda cute and all..till the grow up and tear your throat out while you're sleeping.

dchmielewski said...


The fact is that I don't really disagree with the sentiment expressed here by Jason. It is not called the Cynical Dog for nuthin' and the cynicism that was advertised in the title was properly delivered.

The kitties were the real surprise, thus more comment-worthy. Go Figure.

BTW, they only tear your throat out if they know that you don't like them deep down inside ;-)

Mike said...


I would tend to agree with the opinions expressed here as I share in his cynicism. As for cats..they are a strange species. It would seem at times that they are somewhat telepathic..almost scary really. I need to sleep with one eye open...or at the very least wear a thick scarf.