Sunday, February 25, 2007


I should be blogging more. I have plenty going on to blog about, but I've felt overwhelmed lately. I'm sure I've felt overwhelmed more than I actually have been overwhelmed, but somethimes perception is reality.

I'm working a little more than I was, so I have a little less time. I've been interacting on the American Zoetrope website, which has become my workshop-away-from-home now that I'm jonesing for an MFA fix. I've been writing what seems to be a really promising screenplay, and I'm still reading way too much. I'm going through about two books a week with no real time to work with. Right now it's John Cheever's Falconer, and it's great.

Michele's been getting feedback from only her longshot schools, and they've been rejections, so she's a little down about that. She needs some good news. I don't like to see her sad.

The RBO's been behaving. Or, as I said when I was a kid, "being have."

We got a buttload of snow the last couple days, or in Buffalo terms, a flurry. A foot, and that amounts to the biggest snowstorm in eight years. Pathetic. When I was a kid . . . uphill both ways . . . no shoes . . . backwards . . .

That's all I have for now. Hopefully I'll be able to say something significant in the next few days.


Jerry said...

You said it about the snow. I can remember shoveling drifts as tall as me. (Thankfully I was shorter then.)

Mike said...

Shovel??? No way..that is what the 8 HP snowthrower is for...well that and my kids when they get old enough.