Saturday, January 27, 2007

I Have Access to the Funny!

This high-speed-connection thing is pretty cool. Now I can watch videos on YouTube and see all the things everyone talks about that aren't worth seeing. Sometimes, though, I can see things that amuse the hell out of me, even if they aren't worth seeing.

The video below cracks me up. It's an intentionally bad hip-hop song about George Washington, and I'm not sure which of its targets deserves lampooning more. It pokes fun at American patriotic myth, the worship of the Founding Fathers, with a silly video. It also points out the stupidity of rap braggadoccio.

If you don't like crude language, cartoon violence, or sexual absurdity, don't watch this. If you are a well-adjusted adult, feel free to view the insanity.

He's coming. He's coming. He's coming.


Sean said...

About the worshiping of the old, dead, white guys...
For a class we toured a church in Edina that associates itself with Colonial times, I'll let you figure out the church. But anyway, all the rooms are named after people living during colonial or post-Revolutionary War times, like Abigail Adams, Gideon Pond, Anne Bradstreet, etc. They are the only church that I've been to that displays the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence in their gathering space.

Wow! That's worshiping our founding fathers!

d chmielewski said...

As long as we are YouTubin' I would submit that the above white-rap video is funnier, while not sportin 4 te5tes. OK, its a Smirnoff ad, but at least Buffy has got a nice a55 ;-)

Liz said...

Hey! I saw this first on my blog!

Glad you've got funny again. Life is much duller without our first president pushing flaming British schoolchildren off of cliffs to their deaths by drowning.

Jason said...

Sean - I'll go out on a limb and guess that church is Colonial Church of Edina. I'd get better confirmation, but it looks like every internal link on their website is hosed.

Dave - I'll give the Smirnoff folks the nod on sharper production, but those homies are wack. They got no game. Their rhymes and beats are not dope. And such.

Liz - I never saw it on your blog, but until recently I just tuned out video links, since it would take about a day for me to load them on my dialup.

And aren't all British schoolchildren flaming?


I stereotyped!